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I've been a runner for a few years. in 2019, I decided to set myself the goal of running 500 miles in 365 days.

I don't use a run tracking app like Strava or Runkeeper. I track my runs on my Apple Watch, using the built-in Workouts app and the Activity app on my iPhone. I don't like how most running apps focus on being social networks, stores for running brands, and/or advertising platforms. I just like to record my runs, and watch myself progress over time.

For my 500 mile challenge, I initially built a spreadsheet that would tally up how far I'd ran so far this year. But I kept adding more stats, like my average distance per month, or how far I need to go this week to keep on track. Between wanting a better way to view these data points, and being fed up with the tedium of entering each run manually, I decided to build an app that automatically read the data that was already in Apple Health.

And so, Running Track was born.

Running Track shows your running history, and your progress towards your running goal. You just record a run in any app (including the Apple Watch Workouts app, Strava, Runkeeper, Workouts++ etc.) that syncs to Apple Health, set your target in Running Track, and it'll present the data you need to keep track of your progress and plan your running.

I'm still working on Running Track. It’s not yet on the App Store, but it’s available on TestFlight.

Download the iOS beta now!

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