Neil Macy

Bypassing Twitter

I don't use Twitter any more. But sometimes I want to reference a tweet. Maybe it's a useful tip that was shared in the Before Times. Maybe it's news, or maybe you want to make fun of Space Karen's most recent idiocy. Enter

Nitter scrapes Twitter and matches the URL format, so if you ever need to refer to a tweet or a profile, just replace with

Even better, it publishes an RSS feed for profiles, so I've added some accounts to my RSS reader.

Most of F1 Twitter has remained there, much as I wish everyone would move to Mastodon. And there are insights and news that I want to stay connected to.

So I just subscribed to the RSS feeds for those people I want to follow. And I can keep up with Twitter without my profile adding to the number of active users or tweet view count.

🖕 Space Karen.

Published on 29 January 2023