Neil Macy

Getting Up Early

I just came across a couple of posts by Johnny Decimal and Chris McLeod about getting up early. Properly early: 5am. I've just started doing the same thing - completely coincidentally, all three of us get up at 5am - and it amazed me that other people are as ridiculous as me.

But here's the thing: it works really well.

I start work when I get up, and I get a solid 2 hours in before the rest of my family is up and about. And not all time is created equal; those 2 hours are the most productive of my whole day, by far. There's something about getting up early that fires my brain up.

I used to catch up on work after my kids went to bed, at the end of the day. And this was terrible for two reasons: I always felt like I was catching up, and if I work for 2 hours at the end of the day, I produce absolute mush.

Now, I work when my brain works best, and I get to feel like I'm ahead of things too, which gives me an extra boost through the day.

I always thought morning people were weird, but it turns out I am one.

Published on 10 June 2024