Neil Macy

Working on Running Track for fun again

I’ve not worked on Running Track for a while. Life has been busy and time has been limited. But when I have had time, I’ve found I don’t really want to work on it.

My free time is limited, and while I love making apps, I don’t love the pressure I was putting on myself to get Running Track into a shippable state. When I finish work, and have some down time, I want to enjoy what I’m doing.

So I let myself play around with the code instead. I’ve done things I’ve always deprioritised, like playing with CI setup or moving the project over to use SwiftPM. Things that I want to do, since this is a hobby project for me.

And it felt good. It’s not got me any closer to shipping, but I feel good about playing around in the codebase again.

And I have a load of ideas from WWDC to work on too, even though I can’t ship them til September or later.

It’s nice to have fun on a side project rather than making it another job.

Published on 8 June 2023