Neil Macy

2023 Albums #10

I wouldn't have listened to this, if Spotify hadn't pushed the 20th anniversary version of the album. I haven't listened to Meteora, or Linkin Park at all, in years, it's just not stood out to me to go back to. Then I did.

I was singing along to pretty much all of Chester's lines. I had completely forgotten how obsessed I was with Linkin Park in the early 2000s. This made me feel like a kid again, with my Discman's earphones constantly in my ears when I wasn't in school.

On listening back, I think Faint and Numb are the only songs that have aged well. The rest has a really strong early 2000s nu-metal feel to it. But I loved it at the time, and it was fun to listen back to.

Published on 12 April 2023