Neil Macy

2023 Albums #7

  • Album: Blackened Sky
  • Artist: Biffy Clyro
  • Year: 2002
  • Spotify link

Biffy have moved on a lot since their debut, sounding a lot more polished and much less grungy. But I still remember sitting in the soundproof music studio in high school, with my guitar plugged in and turned up, playing songs like Justboy and 57 with friends.

Nobody really knew who they were yet, just some local Ayrshire band a few years older than us, who'd done what we wanted to do and made it into Kerrang! From what I remember, The Vertigo of Bliss, their second album, was about to come out, and it marked them getting a bit heavier. The idea that one of their songs would be an X Factor winner's single was ludicrous.

This is the Biffy Clyro that I remember. This is the music that filled my formative years. I still absent-mindedly play the chord progression from Justboy on my guitar.

'mon the Biff.

Published on 26 January 2023