Neil Macy

2023 Albums #8

  • Album: Coming Home
  • Artist: New Found Glory
  • Year: 2006
  • Spotify link

I remember my first thought when I heard the opening of Oxygen: "holy crap they got a new singer". No, he just grew as a singer. And that's this album for the whole band. They really grew; their writing and their sound.

It's a New Found Glory punk pop album, but it's so different, because it feels mature without being a change in sound. It's just refined, improved. NFG at their peak, even though it's not often held up as one of their most popular.

And it is so positive too. It's really hopeful, really sweet at times, even. Songs like Coming Home and Too Good To Be, especially.

Or Boulders:

"Put down your arms and wrap them both right around me."

Published on 30 January 2023