Neil Macy

Setting up a static site for Running Track was really easy

Yesterday I set up a static site for Running Track on my phone, in half an hour, while holding a sleeping baby. As someone who’s used to having to use Xcode for anything, this was really exciting!

I initially planned to go for the really simple option and forward the domain here, at least at first, because that’s just a case of adding a link at my domain registrar. I didn’t want anything complex for the first release; there’s plenty of time to iterate on a proper website if I find it would be valuable.

But then I discovered you can’t easily do that for .app domains. So I figured I’d set up a small 1-page site.

It was amazing how simple it was. I:

  • created a GitHub repo on my phone;
  • stuck some HTML in the repo, using Runestone to edit it and Working Copy to push to GitHub;
  • tested it locally, on my phone, using WorldWideWeb;
  • set up Cloudflare Pages to deploy the contents of the GitHub repo;
  • even set up the custom domain name in Cloudflare.

All in half an hour, with one hand, on my iPhone. It’s amazing what you can do with the right apps.

Check it out at (The content is very much unfinished, I have a draft of the real page to add in at some point, probably when I’ve finished the screenshots.)

Published on 6 November 2022