Neil Macy

Evolving Projects

I'm a big fan of keeping things vague and seeing how they develop. It's how I'm writing my novel and short stories, and it's how I approach other projects too.

Running Track was originally a simple tool for sharing GPX files made from my runs.

And my 2023 albums project was originally motivated by wanting to listen to more music. So it was simply "listen to 12 albums", one for each month of the year. Nice and simple.

As it's gone on though, I've realised I'm picking albums I like listening to, rather than exploring new music. I'm looking for memories and happy places. So the project is evolving that way too.

I'm really enjoying the trips down memory lane, and it makes them easier to write about too. So that's the 2023 album project now. It's found its own definition as I've worked on it.

Published on 18 April 2023